My Most Asked Question in an Interview as a BME Student

  1. I knew next to nothing about hardware or software before entering university, so I had no idea that one of the hardware-related engineering disciplines, like mechatronics, could’ve been more interesting to me.
  2. Despite popular belief, BME has many core courses that require us to learn many of the hardware fundamentals, such as Analog Systems, Digital Systems, and Control Systems. The same applies for software fundamentals like Data Structures & Algorithms.
  3. Lastly and most importantly: after being exposed to electrical design in my earlier co-op placements and courses, I have developed a passion for it that is stronger than my desire to be in the biomedical field.
18 year-old me opening a command prompt for the first ever time (I meant it when I said I knew absolutely nothing hardware or software related prior to university).
  • Participated in a cadaver lab
  • Met with several tetraplegics and heard their stories
  • Gained the ability to understand what my sister is saying when she talks about her job (in healthcare)



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Jess Doe

Jess Doe

I am a Biomedical Engineering Student and have been pursuing a path in electrical design. I also enjoy theatre, so be prepared to see a bit of that here, too!